Our Story

We are a family-owned and operated used RV dealer located in Orange County, California. Alongside their family, Jeff and Michelle have been selling RV’s for over a decade. We put family first, and business second. We structured our business to provide individualized attention to our customers. Because we work by appointment only, both our customers and our family get the attention they deserve. We prefer selling a few units per month and quality family time over large volume sales and no family time. From experience with the ‘big guys,’ we recognized what was important to us; OUR FAMILY. We strive to build relationships over selling motorhomes.


  • We want our customers to feel like they are buying from a private party, but with dealer accountability.
  • Our motorhomes are priced competitively and FIRM. We are a no-haggle dealership (NO four squares).
  • There is no “trick photography”; what you see is what you get.
  • There are NO HIDDEN FEES…just your standard tax, registration, and doc fees.
  • We purchase QUALITY motorhomes and give them a cosmetic facelift! We invest in every coach to offer an EXCEPTIONAL product!
  • Every coach has been inspected by a third party for safety.
  • We DO accept quality trades (cars, boats, RV’s, etc.).

We work by APPOINTMENT ONLY, so our customers and family get the attention they deserve!

If we sound like someone you might want to buy from or sell to, feel free to give us a call. We are called to serve and willing to help guide you even if you want to chat about something you are considering buying. It is our pleasure to help people. Our motorhomes sell FAST, so if you are interested, please call TODAY.

Making Memories and Giving Back  – when you buy a motorhome; we give back to your selected charity!